Thursday, January 11, 2018

First Things praises the new book I edited by Francis Canavan SJ

I introduce Fun Is Not Enough at the Human Life Foundation's Great Defender of Life gala, October 26, 2017.

I am gratified to report that the new book I edited by Francis Canavan SJ, Fun Is Not Enough, has received a rave review in First Things. William Doino Jr. writes:
An authority on Edmund Burke and a professor of political science at Fordham for over twenty years, Canavan appealed to academics and laymen alike. Nowhere did he synthesize his talents better than in his many contributions to the Catholic Eye, which published his social and political commentaries for over twenty-five years. These writings have now been collected in Fun is Not Enough, and they are as lively and powerful now as when they first appeared. American Catholics who are confused and distressed by the ongoing tumult in Church and state will be invigorated by them.
Read the entire review. Fun Is Not Enough is available in print and Kindle from En Route Books and Media.