Saturday, March 5, 2005

Board Dumb

Joel Helbling has a photo of a Planned Parenthood billboard in Muncie, Ind., depicting a tough-looking black woman protectively grasping a confused-looking black man. Joel says the ad's about "about killing cute, innocent and helpless unborn black babies."

At the very least, the hand of the woman pictured on the billboard is carefully positioned so as to avoid any sign of whether or not she's wearing a wedding ring. It's as if Planned Parenthood is saying, "We know your boyfriend's an irresponsible, oversexed black man who's never going to settle down. You wouldn't want his baby. Come in and we'll vacuum out your womb. We'll even give you a free condom lollipop."

If that sounds harsh, just look at the name "Planned Parenthood" and look at the ad. This is not a happy couple with children. This couple does not look at all like they are planning parenthood. This is a childless couple who look like they're sagging under the weight of an unwanted burden. The ad is Planned Parenthood's unabashedly cynical way of attracting the kind of women who would be most likely to have an abortion.

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More information on Planned Parenthood's targeting blacks for abortion and sterilization is available at