Tuesday, May 10, 2005

What a Friend We Have in Geriatrics

This just in from the BBC:

  • "[H]oly scripture...once led Mississippi whites down the road of bigotry." And, in case you didn't realize, the connection remains: "There are more churches per head of population in Mississippi than in any other state and, historically, you could argue, more racial prejudice, more unchristian behaviour."

  • George W. Bush-style evangelical Christians who listen to Christian radio stations and put up "vaguely threatening messages on billboards" outside churches (such as "Jesus is coming - where are you going?") remind us that "religion has motivated all manner of charlatans and creeps in American life."

  • But there's good news: A few real Christians—little old white ladies and kindly old black men—show that the true faith still exists outside the scary organized religion of those "[p]ristine Catholic cathedrals with long, pointy towers, cool and confident looking with wide lawns and copious car parks. Baptist houses of worship, with"—yup—"those vaguely threatening messages on billboards outside..."
Phew. Leave it to the Brits to find the real Christians. Maybe if we're lucky, they'll clone a few for us.