Saturday, January 28, 2006

Prayer Request

Brent Mykel Henderson would like prayers for his wife, Val, who is at risk of losing her pharmacist job because of pressure from Planned Parenthood and their cohorts:

As you know, it is Illinois law to dispense emergency contraception given a valid prescription. Walgreens has been hard hit by a couple of incidents (largely orchestrated by Planned Parenthood), so they have cracked down on their pharmacists more than other chains. In particular, they required all their pharmacists to sign a policy saying they will comply with the law. Val has refused to sign it. It wasn't a problem, however, and her local management was very understanding. They even agreed that her store will not stock the drug so she can honestly say it is not in stock and refer customers to another store.

Fine. But two days ago word came down from one high that she had to sign it or face consequences. She refused again. But it turns out the threat was mostly an attempt to scare. Both her manager and regional supervisor are very sympathetic to Val's convictions and have agreed to try and work with the corporate office to reach a compromise. So it seems we have a couple more weeks at least before any final action will be taken. Some breathing room at least.

Thanks for all your prayers. The whole situation is so surreal. That one person's convenience of having to drive five minutes down the road to another pharmacy should trump another person's right of conscience...I really don't understand it.
Read more about the Illinois law banning pharmacists from exercising freedom of conscience at the Web site for the American Center for Law and Justice, which is defending several fired pharmacists.