Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hare-Razing Tale

Those of you who own television sets or listen to talk radio probably know this by now, but those of us who live in a tree and see foreign films have only just now learned that a St. Paul, Minn. official ordered that the City Council office take down its Easter decorations.

What I find interesting is that the official who gave the order says he objected not to the decorations' bunny imagery, but to the actual words "Happy Easter."

Sometimes it takes a bigot to point out the fiber of faith that remains beneath all the secular trappings.

Now it's up to the people who care about that faith to remind the world what and, most importantly, Who "Happy Easter" signifies.

* * *
Speaking of secularizing Christian concepts, I notice that the only hint of Christianity on the Marshmallow Peeps Web site, beyond the words "Easter" and "St. Patrick," is the title of one of the site's pages: "Peeps for All Seasons."