Thursday, October 19, 2006

Prayer Request

As you may know, I recently purchased a number of Miraculous Medals from Marytown's online gift shop and had them blessed so that I could give them away. (In fact, I'm afraid I still owe some medals to readers who requested them — I got caught up in other things and forgot to send them out.)

Tomorrow, I am going to see someone who is not a Catholic, yet I believe that this person in some way needs a Miraculous Medal. That is, this person needs to experience the love and graces that God allows Mary to bestow — and that this person may be more willing to open his or her heart to such love and graces if this person has a Miraculous Medal.

Please pray for the person to whom I intend to give the medal, and please pray for me — that I will know the right way to approach this person. Also, please pray that I will approach this person only if the moment is right — that I won't come across as pushy, but only kind.

Thank you! I'll let you know what happens.