Tuesday, October 3, 2006

We Will Bury You, Rolling Stones

In honor of my Stones-fan friend Michael Lynch, here is a very special treat this morning: a Russian beat band doing a Brazilian beat band's ode to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Ladies and gentlemen, from behind the Iron Curtain, I present to you Poyuschie Gitary (The Singing Guitars) with "Byl Odyn Paren'" — a Russian-language version of the Brazilian group Os Incriveis' "Era Um Garoto Que Como Eu Amava Os Beatles E Rolling Stones":

Could someone who speaks Russian please tell me what these guys are actually singing? Meanwhile, I'm trying to figure out whether the dude with the shades is borrowed from Freddie & The Dreamers, or if he's the son of Dr. Strangelove.