Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Action Alert

Associated Press writer David Crary writes about Ms. magazine's "We Had Abortions" campaign to get women who support a legal right to abortion to declare publicly that they themselves had abortions.

For balance, Crary uses a perfunctory quote from Judie Brown of American Life League — calling the Ms. project "evil" — which he simply grabbed from a previously published report. The rest of his report consists of new quotes from the Ms. staff and women who contributed to the magazine's article. Nowhere does he solicit quotes from leaders of established organizations like Operation Outcry and Silent No More who have had abortions and have attempted to give their side of the story to Ms. editors.

I cannot imagine an Associated Press reporter doing a story on a Silent No More campaign and not bothering to acquire a new, substantial rebuttal from Planned Parenthood.

If you have had an abortion and wish to enlighten Crary, showing him the perspective he failed to seek, e-mail him: dcrary@ap.org. You should copy the e-mail to his editor and AP executives; the most recent names and e-mails I have for AP higher-ups are Burl Osborne, chairman, bosborne@ap.org; Tom Curley, president and CEO, tcurley@ap.org; and Kathleen Carroll, executive editor, kcarroll@ap.org.