Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Power pop to the people

Here's one more clip from the one and only time I sang live with a rock band, when I fronted the Anderson Council at Maxwell's in August 2002. It's from the period I mention in my book when the chastity message was struggling unsuccessfully to make it from my brain to my heart. My skirts are a bit longer these days.

The backup singer in shorts is none other than Chris Butler of the Waitresses, whose "Christmas Wrapping" is all over the airwaves during this Advent season. He wrote the song I'm singing, "Sure Wish That He Wasn't Here," which he originally recorded with his studio group Kilopop!

After I left the stage, I went outside and burst into tears, convinced that I had made an utter fool of myself because my singing was so off-key. It wasn't until I watched the video that that I felt better about my performance, if not my voice.