Monday, January 15, 2007

Basement japes, final installment

Here are the final minutes of my January 3 debate vs. Virginia Vitzthum on "Is Chastity a Good Idea for Singles," as seen in the Observer (U.K.):

About 30 seconds of the first clip is taken up with my stammering. I was trying to articulate a difficult point. What I wanted to say finally comes to me at the very end.

One thing I find interesting is how the anti-chastity folks in the crowd applauded when someone attributed my dissatisfaction with premarital sex to low self-esteem. They seemed to assume that if one had premarital sex for the "right" motivations, one would not feel dissatisfied. I argue more effectively against that canard in my book and my Sunday Times piece.

More questions:

And the final statements:

To learn how the debate ended, see the Observer article.

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