Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Quote of the day

"[Elizabeth] Fox-Genovese's journey from Marxism to Catholic traditionalism -- shared by her husband, historian Eugene Genovese -- could be seen, from a classical liberal point of view, in starkly negative terms: as a full-circle transition from one anti-individualist, antiliberal philosophy to another. Yet when it comes to women's issues, her critique of individualism contains an important kernel of truth. Reconciling women's pursuit of their new roles, freedoms, and opportunities with the needs of families and children has often been a rocky road, as several generations of feminism's daughters have found out.

"As a feminist, I regret that the answer on which Fox-Genovese eventually settled was a return to a clear-cut division of male and female family roles. But the questions she confronted are ones feminists will continue to confront for a long time to come."

— Reason contributing editor Cathy Young"The Evolution of an Antifeminist," Boston Globe. Fox-Genovese died last week at 65. For a look at her life from one who saw her in positive terms, see Robert P. George's tribute in National Review Online.