Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Just say 'nu'?

A religious organization's pro-abstinence Web site tells teens and young adults that "condoms are not the answer" and neither is the contraceptive pill or the patch. In addition to pointing out failure rates of the contraceptives, it notes that " no form of birth control protects against the non-physical effects of sexual activity. Guilt, worry, regret, shame, depression and other emotional consequences remain the same, regardless of any contraceptives that may be used."

The site also warns of spiritual consequences to nonmarital sex &8212; that such activity cuts off one's soul. Sex outside of marriage is a "relationship killer," it warns, adding that there is "no condom for the heart or for the mind." The site's language is often preachy and sometimes oversimplified, but its message hits hard and makes no apologies for its orthodoxy.

Kudos — or, rather, mazel tov, then — to the Orthodox (Jewish) Union for having the chutzpah to take a public stand for chastity.