Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Erica Jong's daughter gets The Thrill ...

... its message, that is; I don't know whether she's read my book.

I wrote in The Thrill of the Chaste about Fear of Flying author Erica Jong's ideal of "zipless" sex:

... the most obvious problem with relying on impulse is that it doesn’t work. It didn’t work for Erica Jong — she’s on her fourth marriage as I write, the first three having ended in divorce. It certainly didn’t work for me ...
And now, Jong's daughter tells Girls Gone Mild author Wendy Shalit, as quoted in a story in the Washington Times,
"When you're 12," says Molly Jong Fast, "there's nothing funny about your mother's fourth wedding." Molly describes her own promiscuity as a mistake. "I was sold a bad bill of goods."
RELATED: I wrote about the bill of goods that I was sold in an op-ed for Canada's National Post.