Monday, November 26, 2007

Help a new mom this Christmas

The Sisters of Life have given me permission to post an e-mail they sent out today to their volunteer Co-Workers:

Dear Co-Workers of Life,

As we prepare to enter the season of Advent, a time of great expectation and joy, our prayers are with you, that you may enter ever more deeply into the mystery of the Incarnation.

We offer an opportunity for you or your community or parish to give of yourself to help support the courageous women that we serve, that they may also experience this time before Christmas as a time of expectation and joy.

What follows is a list of suggestions for material goods that would be helpful in supporting the women that we serve, many who have other children who could also benefit from your generosity.
  • Maternity clothes in all sizes, especially stretchy-panel pants

  • Phone cards (sometimes, women we serve are living in shelters and do not have phones)

  • Gift cards:

    Old Navy
    The Gap

    Gift cards to grocery stores and stores which carry toys are especially helpful during this time of year.

  • Baby clothes and clothes for young children
Thank you so much for your continued prayerful support. Items can be sent to:

Sisters of Life – Visitation Mission
320 E. 66th Street
New York, NY 10065

Please feel free to call us with additional ideas: (212) 737-0221
Having volunteered for the Sisters and having met some of the people they serve, I can vouch for the beautiful way they make the culture of life a reality for women in need. Their work and witness are vitally needed.

For more on the Sisters of Life, see the press release about the outcome of the Co-Worker training at Seton Hall University that I organized under the auspices of my employer, the Cardinal Newman Society.