Monday, May 5, 2008

Ontario Catholic school teaches that contraception 'saves' embryos?

Matt, a student at St. Joseph's Catholic High School in St. Thomas, Ontario, left a comment on one of my posts about my Ontario high-school tour, apparently attempting to show that Holy Cross students don't have a lock on vulgarity.

Most interesting is this tidbit, which, if true, sheds some light on the students in the publicly funded Catholic school district are learning:

in catholic schools we do not get taught that contreception is not evil but rather it "saves" embryos from abortion.
Even if one puts aside the double negative, the idea that students are taught "rather" that contraception "'saves' embryos" is disturbing. It recalls the Canadian bishops' infamous Winnepeg Statement dissenting from "Humanae Vitae"— which pro-life leaders recently urged Canada's bishops to retract.

More information on the campaign to retract the Winnipeg Statement is available from The Rosarium.