Sunday, May 18, 2008

Staying cool at Seattle U.

I asked the Jesuits for some ice with my Aquafina and got more than I bargained for.

Still having a wonderful time on tour in Seattle and enjoying the beautiful weather (really!). No time to write much, as they're keeping me busy with five appearances tomorrow, so here's a photo from Friday and a very kind testimonial from the priest who brought me to speak at Seattle University:
"We really appreciated Dawn speaking at Seattle University. Mother Angelica of EWTN once said that if she brings one viewer closer to God, then it is a success. Dawn's talk last night was a great success. She was very well-recieved by the students and friends of Seattle University. She integrated honesty, humor, and faith. Her positive and joyful description of chastity presented it as a dynamic adventure of love for oneself and for others."

— Father Sean Raftis, S.J., Seattle University
Photo by Father Raftis.