Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Perth announcement

Father Sharbel Francis Mary Hayward F.I.—that stands for Franciscans of the Immaculate of Perth, Australia—whose beautiful poetry has appeared here before, sends another of his works as he prepares to fly back to his native land:

Forgotten Not

Flowing forward to the hour

When farewell we cry,

Fears fade as dawn awakes

To shine and never die.

Down the tears in silence flow

Merged both joy and pain,

Soaring high the soul aloft

Below a vessel lain.

In peaceful bliss forgotten not

Love's kin upon the sea,

A prayer to guide and safely keep

On course and bended knee.

All in day and all in night

How different all does seem,

Treasures rare await the Love

That bled so to redeem.

Father Sharbel, who has been stationed at the F.I. mission in New Bedford, Mass., makes his flight back to Australia Thursday, where he will be Mission Superior according to the order's Web site. I wrote to him that I would pray for traveling mercies. He replied with typical Down Under humor, "My idea of traveling mercies would be an upgrade as I am 6'3"...but then again it might look strange for a Franciscan to be in the fancy section of the plane." That it would—but please do pray for Father Sharbel and his fellow F.I.'s, who claim St. Maximilian Kolbe as their patron.