Saturday, January 17, 2009

Quote of the day

"When other nations are attacked in war, and they defend themselves, counterattack, and consequently take over the territory of the enemy, they get to keep that territory, especially if needed in order to prevent the area from being used as a launching pad for later attacks. But Israel is unique in the world in that, not only were they denied international recognition as a nation for years, that is, denied the right to even exist, they are denied the right to keep lands seized from their enemies in war.

"When other enemies start wars and attack peaceful countries, they forfeit the territories from which the attacks began, and they subject themselves to legitimate occupation for as long as the victorious country chooses. But when 'Palestine' starts war after war (or, more precisely, continues to engage in the same war, interrupted every now and then with dishonest and false cease-fires, the sole purpose of which is to prevent the ultimate losing of the war and to give time to re-arm), it is to be given support, and given back the lands that it occupied for a short period of time, but were never part of some nonexistent country of Palestine.

"Meanwhile, we are assured that the root cause of rockets and car bombs and kidnappings and restaurant bombs and masked gunmen dressed as civilians shooting innocent Israelis and Palestinians alike, is not because the terror groups and their many supporters in Palestinian areas have chosen to engage in criminal terroristic behavior, but rather, it is because of the Jews. It is the fault of the Jews. And when I say the Jews, I mean, the Jews, not the Israelis. Because if Israel were not a Jewish state, if it were Muslim or even secular, it would not be the one to blame."

Bender, commenting on "News you won't see on CNN: The night Hamas struck an Israeli synagogue."

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