Friday, February 6, 2009

Legion, Regnum Christi face 'pastoral crisis,'
says AmPapist blogger Thomas Peters

In today's American Papist, Thomas Peters writes that "there is a pastoral crisis facing the Regnum Christi and Legionary memberships, involving how they relate to Maciel, and especially how they absorb these discoveries about his moral depravity. In this task, I don't think they are being helped by their Legionary pastors. And while this is a complicated phenomenon, it boils down to a simple point: the Legion do not have objectivity about Maciel. Their commitment to spreading Maciel's spirituality has become unhealthy because this task now has an insurmountable contradiction to overcome - Maciel's own life."

If you or anyone you know is suffering in the wake of the crisis, priests and religious have made themselves available to help. See the list of pastoral-care resources on

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