Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cuts to the chaste

Thanks so much to everyone who has let me know they will be praying for me as I go under the knife tomorrow morning for the removal of a (benign) fibroid tumor. I cannot describe how much your prayers mean to me. That goes for everyone who has commented or written to me letting me know of their prayers; it is my regret that I have not responded personally to each one.

My surgery experience actually begins today, as I have to be on a liquid fast before the operation (and drink magnesium citrate to boot). I am offering up it and any pain I experience from the operation for everyone who has asked me to pray for them. If you have a prayer request, there is still time to send me an e-mail. Thank you again and God bless you.

UPDATE: Leaving for hospital now (Thurs. am.) -- home tomorrow -- thanks so much for prayers!

UPDATE #2, 6/12/09: Many thanks to The Anchoress for letting readers know about my surgery. I am very thankful to report that I am home and resting up. As I wrote a short while ago, your prayers were very much felt.