Monday, May 21, 2012

Unexpected blessing

Had a wonderful surprise yesterday while addressing the staff and therapists of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Lansing during my Michigan tour promoting My Peace I Give You: a visit from Lansing Bishop Earl Boyea.

As it happened, I had some medals of Pope St. Pius X that I had bought a couple of days earlier, during my signing at G.A. Fuchs Church Supply in Madison Heights. The photo above captures the moment when His Excellency graciously acceded to my request that he bless them.

St. Pius X has become a special intercessor for me in spreading the word about my book on healing sexual wounds with the help of the saints, because of his great protective love for children, which is exemplified in his decree lowering the age of First Communion. He deplored the fact that, in being made to wait until age twelve or later before receiving the Eucharist, "children in their innocence were forced away from the embrace of Christ and deprived of the food of their interior life."