Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Peace now available on Kindle
Plus: My Our Sunday Visitor interview now online

As I prepare to continue my summer-long speaking tour to spread the word about My Peace I Give You: Healing Sexual Wounds with the Help of the Saints with a talk tomorrow night at St. Peter Church in Danbury, Connecticut (click here to see my tour itinerary), I'm thrilled to learn that the book is now available on Kindle.

Also, the interview that I gave to Our Sunday Visitor is now available online. Here is a taste of it:

OSV: You have said that this book is not just for those who have experienced sexual abuse. Do you think many people are carrying deep emotional and spiritual wounds they have not begun to heal?

Eden: Oh, there’s no question. Government statistics tell us that two-thirds of adults report having had at least one traumatic experience in childhood, and more than a third report having two or more. And that’s not even counting the wounds people have suffered as adults. So, yes, I do believe that nearly every one of us carries the effects of past pain. How we cope with those effects is largely determined by how deeply we are involved in prayer, the sacraments and the life of the Church.

That doesn’t mean that being devout delivers us from all mental pain or disorder in this life. I think of the author Evelyn Waugh, who was known for being personally abrasive. Once, when the hostess of a party asked him how he could be so rude when he was a man of faith, he responded, "You have no idea how much nastier I would be if I were not a Catholic." [Read the full interview.]
Many thanks to all the readers who have been praying for me as I spend the summer spreading the word about healing sexual wounds with the help of the saints. If you would like to also support my apostolate financially, I am grateful for your contribution. Click here to donate.