Thursday, August 22, 2013

A note of thanks

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I would like to extend my deepest thanks to the anonymous angel or angels who answered the request I made in my "Life in Eden" update to help me in my theology studies by purchasing from my Amazon Wish List the books I would need for the semester. Within 24 hours, all the books were purchased. I know who purchased one of the items, but the other donors are thus far unknown.

Very special thanks to whoever purchased the set of St. Thomas Aquinas's commentaries on the letters of St. Paul. I had noted on the wish list that it was not an absolute must-have, but that it would be extremely valuable to me in my studies, especially as I write the thesis for my sacred theology licentiate (which I am planning to then integrate into my doctoral dissertation).* The set arrived yesterday and is beautiful. I had not imagined that I would be able to own it, because it is a luxury item. Having it in my collection enables me to study them with an ease and freedom that I could not do if I were having to check them out of libraries or seek them out online. I like being able to take an actual book with me to lunch and not a computer screen, and I like to be able to make notes in books. More than that, I like to be able to really absorb a book over time, which I can't do if it has to be returned to a library. So, thanks to your gift, I will be able to absorb Aquinas more deeply, and in more breadth, than I would have otherwise.

Know that I pray for you, and for everyone who supports me in any way, including those whose prayers sustain me. Thank you and God bless you.

*The title of my STL thesis is "Beatitude and the Body in St. Thomas Aquinas and John Paul II."