Monday, March 12, 2007

Fulton J. Sheen on the meaning of the Mass

As I'm going to be away from e-mail and blogging for most of the time I'm on my speaking trip to Illinois (back on Thursday), I'd like to leave this as a gift for a friend who reads my blog, as he is curious about the Catholic faith. It's the beginning of a talk by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen on the meaning of the Mass, from "A Family Retreat with Fulton J. Sheen."

I'd like my friend to see it because I think it will illuminate the Mass for him, as it did for me. Archbishop Sheen's description of what — or, really, who — the bread and wine, pre-consecration, represent is a revelation for me. They didn't teach that in RCIA. And I went to a good RCIA.

The rest of the talk (divided into two more parts) is likewise on YouTube.

More Sheen videos are available from the official Web site for his cause of canonization; purchases there help the cause.