Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The sincerest form of flattery

"Abstinence education doesn’t work. That was the big hoopla in the American press over the publication of a study by Mathematica, purporting to show that abstinence education programmes don’t work. But with a bit of checking, I found something you are not likely to hear on the evening news. Sex education programmes don’t 'work' either."

— Jennifer Roback Morse"Does anything work in sex education?", MercatorNet, May 1, lead paragraph (the whole article's well worth reading, by the way)

"The case is closed! 'Abstinence classes don’t work.' newspapers this weekend declared. Not so fast. Had anyone not in Planned Parenthood’s thrall analyzed the report, they would have discovered something far more important: If the data is to be believed, sex education doesn’t work."

— Me, "No Accounting for Chaste,", National Review Online, April 18, lead paragraph