Friday, January 25, 2008

Poverty's final solution

Planned Parenthood Golden Gate President Dian "A Superhero for Choice" Harrison describes how one of her clinics helped a young pregnant woman out of poverty — by sticking a pair of scissors into her baby's brain:

After much thought, Patricia decided to have an abortion. She asked to speak with Planned Parenthoods chaplain, the Rev. Lisa Sargent, who provides counseling and support to patients at Planned Parenthoods health centers throughout the Bay Area. Patricia shared that she simply could not imagine how she would provide for and care for two children by herself and what she needed to do now was to go back to school and create a better life for her son.
Planned Parenthood. Breaking the cycle of poverty. One baby at a time. (And on the taxpayers' dime.)

TRACKBACK: Athos of Chronicles of Atlantis observes that Planned Parenthood's solution "demands more and more victims."

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