Monday, February 11, 2008

'Feministe' to Dawn Patrol: Stop using post-abortive women for political ends

Only feminists are allowed to do that — with copious personal insults and profanities, of course including comments by former John Edwards webmistress Amanda Marcotte, who takes the opportunity to indulge in sadistic fantasies about me.

Moral: Ask people to pray for a "pro-choice" post-abortive woman who has written that she "grieve[s]" in a "fountain of pain" and You.Will.Be.Crushed.

Thou shalt not put a pro-choice narrative into a pro-life context. Or else.

For all the talk about my politicizing a woman's grief and pain, Marcotte's attitude, as she wrote January 24 on her Pandagon blog, is that a woman should just get over her "internalized guilt" about having an abortion — which is in fact nothing more than killing a "tapeworm."

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