Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm featured in today's Australian

Many thanks to Caroline Overington of The Australian for publishing a very generous feature on me in advance of my World Youth Day appearances. For a mainstream publication, the article shows an unusually deep understanding and appreciation of what chastity is, while acknowledging the objections to it that some might have.*

As I noted yesterday, Overington showed similar sensitivity in her profile of chaste WYD pilgrims. She also does so in an excellent sidebar to her feature on me, detailing the odyssey of a Melbourne teenager who rejected her school's promotion of "safe sex" in favor of an option not taught in school: abstinence until marriage. The subject of that article, Ruth Russell (whose photo may be seen alongside the feature on me) beautifully describes the countercultural aspect of living chastely in the modern world.

*As is to be expected when a reporter types rather than records, the quotes in the article are not mine exactly. Other quotes, from my writings, appear to have been garbled in the editing process. For example, I did not actually say in my book how old I was when I lost my virginity. Rather, I focused on how I lost my spiritual purity, my innocence—which happened long before I became sexually active. Also, I did not make the "jaded whores" comment in the interview; that was within the context of my American Spectator online article "Sex and the Kiddies." That said, the article is wonderful overall.