Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Building a chaste counterculture in D.C.

I had a beautiful time speaking to the Catholic University of America's Students for Life last night and chatting with the group's members afterwards. Many thanks to the group's president, Lauren Roselli, for inviting me, and to CUA philosophy instructor Paraic Maher for recommending me to them.

Following my talk, I mentioned to Lauren that, when I spoke at Georgetown last year, the students were interested in starting up a coffeehouse-type social event or discussion group for those wishing to hang out with others who practice chastity. It would provide an opportunity to build friendships relieved of the pressures of the hook-up culture.

Lauren and others there were warm to the idea, particularly if it could encompass other local colleges. At CUA, they said, the pro-chastity contingent is already strong. What appealed most to them was the opportunity to meet and encourage like-minded students from outside schools, who are in greater need of social reinforcement and fellowship.

If anyone from a D.C.-area college would like to help form or take part in such an event, drop me a line and I will be happy to put you in touch with CUA SFL, You can also write them directly via their Web site.