Sunday, October 19, 2008

Quote of the day

"Right now, a typesetter is laying down the words Dewey Wins! Right now, Hillary Clinton is the presumptive Democrat nominee. Right now, George Washington is refusing a crown. Right now, Barack Obama is training ACORN workers. Right now, Margaret Sanger is preaching eugenics. Right now, a Pole is made Pope. Right now, Nero is watching Rome burn. Right now, Peter, that city’s first Bishop, is being crucified and turned upside down.

"Right now, in prayer and in fasting, one may penetrate the illusions of the world and, touching eternity, impact them."

— The Anchoress, who recommends fasting and praying for discernment for the nation and for one's own vote.

Thanks to Fallen Sparrow for the tip.

RELATED: If you are in Washington, D.C., come to the Dominican Friars' open vigil service on Monday, October 27, to pray for a pro-life, pro-family U.S. Presidency.