Monday, January 12, 2009

Abortionist blogger pleads for money to terminate black mentally disabled teen's baby

The abortionclinicdays blog currently features a story by abortionist "Nell" about a woman with the African-American name of DaShay, a psychologically abusive mother who phoned to inquire about having the child of her mentally disabled 17-year-old daughter, Alia, killed in the womb.

The story is a tragic microcosm of the manipulations and crimes of the abortion industry—including the targeting of minority and disabled children for extermination, and the failure to report the abuse of underage and disabled women. Nell is singlemindedly fixed on how she will get paid, ignoring the mother's abusiveness and coercion. The daughter, from Nell's account, seems to lack the ability to understand what an abortion is—the deliberate killing of a child in the womb—let alone consent legally to sex.

Nell describes what happened after DaShay, who was "pretty angry, cursing her daughter up and down for having sex," put her daughter on the phone:

Alia answered my questions slowly, but kept confirming that she did not want to be pregnant. Even though she was 17, she sounded younger. Mom was in the background shouting lots of questions, so I asked to speak to DaShay again.

"Look--my daughter has one baby and I got her baby. I adopted him because she can't care for him. She's got a disability, she can't care for herself, she can't learn, she was in special classes but went and dropped out. I been laid off. We only get a little bit of money for her disability. She can't have another baby! We are on welfare--do you hear me? WEL...FARE. WELFARE! Understand? We got nothing. Now what's this gonna cost? Thirty? Fifty dollars for the pills?"

Because of where she lived, DaShay's welfare would not cover the cost of an abortion. "Actually, it's going to be closer to $350," I explained again why it was different than needing Plan B. She started screaming at her daughter, "$350? What am I supposed to do! Where we gonna get money? Where'd that little boy go who said he's gonna help you?"
Nell shows no concern that the poor Alia, having already given birth to one child, has potentially been the victim not only of statutory rape (depending upon the age of consent in her state), but also of actual rape (since, being mentally disabled, she may not be capable of legal consent).

The abortionist does, however, show great concern over how she will get her blood money:
When DaShay calmed down again, we went over her finances. She was right--they were just barely surviving. I don't know how she was making it work. We went through the steps to get her some emergency help from the National Abortion Foundation, but still weren't able to get the whole cost covered. We made a plan where she would try to come up with a portion and I would start calling around to some other emergency abortion funds to find part of it. We scheduled Alia's appointment for two weeks in the future, to give each of us a chance to try to come up with some more money. I'm still waiting for phone calls back from the emergency funds and I don't know what's going to happen.
Nell adds that she can't wait for our next President to take office, presumably so he will fulfill his promise to sign the Freedom of Choice Act, which would require taxpayers to fund abortions:
All I know is I can't wait for a day when our national health care policy and our leadership can find a solution so that no woman's unplanned pregnancy creates this kind of crisis. After eight years of the Bush Presidency can you even imagine a world where women and mothers get their basic medical needs met? One week to go until a leadership change. Godspeed, President Obama!
Following Nell's post, abortionclinicdays posted a follow-up telling readers how they could finance the murder of Alia's child:
One organization that helps women nationally is WRRAP. They are wonderful, just wonderful. I could tell you so many stories of women they have helped! Pregnant women who have lost their jobs, women who are homeless, women whose personal finances are committed to their children. Even working women sometimes earn too little to be able to pay for an abortion and still pay their rent. WRRAP's staff is volunteer so whatever you donate goes right to the clinics for a specific woman whose situation we present to them. Whenever WRRAP has money, they immediately spread it around! And I have never seen such an increase in requests!

These days, with so many women losing their jobs, losing hours at work, losing their homes, the requests are greater than ever. As a result, WRRAP is always short of funds. Any amount you care to send will be so appreciated, is so needed!
Given the abortion industry's longstanding support of eugenics, its targeting African-Americans  (Planned Parenthood was caught agreeing to accept donations specifically for aborting blacks), and its repeated efforts to cover up abuse and statutory rape, it is no wonder that Nell's readers are coming through. She hit the trifecta with this one.

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