Sunday, April 5, 2009

Et cum spiritu tu-wow!

Found on CultureWarNotes, it's SoulWow!

The line "Get that almost baptized feeling" is dazzling in its theological accuracy (accent on "almost"—there's that temporal punishment left over). St. Thomas Aquinas would be proud.*

Those of you who own a TV set (not me) may recognize this as a parody of ShamWow. It was created by Forza Migliozzi, an L.A. ad agency that clearly drinks deep at the well of Freberg Ltd..

Crain's reports that the ads were refused by local sola scriptura station WAWZ, which sniffed, "“We cannot air spots that speak about a sacrament." So, confession is now a sacrament for Protestants? Score one for ecumenism, I guess.
*Summa Theologiae III, Q. 86, A. 4, reply to objection 3: "Christ's Passion is of itself sufficient to remove all debt of punishment, not only eternal, but also temporal; and man is released from the debt of punishment according to the measure of his share in the power of Christ's Passion. Now in Baptism man shares the Power of Christ's Passion fully, since by water and the Spirit of Christ, he dies with Him to sin, and is born again in Him to a new life, so that, in Baptism, man receives the remission of all debt of punishment. In Penance, on the other hand, man shares in the power of Christ's Passion according to the measure of his own acts, which are the matter of Penance, as water is of Baptism, as stated above (84, 1,3). Wherefore the entire debt of punishment is not remitted at once after the first act of Penance, by which act the guilt is remitted, but only when all the acts of Penance have been completed."