Monday, June 21, 2010

Praise from Perth

[UPDATE, 8/25/10: If you are looking for my master's thesis, a critique of Christopher West's presentation of the theology of the body, it is now available as a free download from Catholic News Agency. See CNA's news story, or download the thesis directly as a PDF file.]

A staff member of the Catholic Youth Ministry office of the Archdiocese of Perth, Western Australia, who had requested a copy of my master's thesis, writes:

Dear Dawn,

Thank you so very much for sending me your work ["Towards a 'Climate of Chastity': Bringing Catechesis on the Theology of the Body into the Hermeneutic of Continuity"]. I've read it twice over this last weekend. This is fantastic stuff.

You write very well and have clarified a number of things that I was concerned about when I began reading Christopher West's work about five years ago.

I’ve since read both Love and Responsibility and the Waldstein translation of the Wednesday audience catecheses and found a certain incongruence with West's articulation and what our late, Great Pope was saying but, I was unable to articulate it in such fashion as you have here.

I am very thankful for what you have done as it has given me a language to aid me in forming the young people that I work with. This is greatly needed as we often use West’s DVD and audio resources here in our catechesis, and I have been looking for a way to articulate to the perhaps lesser informed the different nuances that exist within the TOB.

Thanks again and God bless you in your work.

Ave Maria!

Tom Gourlay
For more information about my master's thesis, including the text of my thesis defense, scroll down or click here.