Thursday, April 26, 2018

Catholic Answers signs me to write my conversion memoir

Speaking at Thomas Aquinas College, September 8, 2017
I am thrilled to announce that I have signed with Catholic Answers Press to write a memoir that will tell the story of how I went from a Judaism to agnosticism and Evangelical Christianity to find my home in the heart of the Catholic Church.

With Brian Wilson after interviewing him in August 1988
The memoir will share how the Lord reached me through the people I knew and the events I experienced, including my journey through the world of rock journalism and New York City tabloids. Tentatively titled Sunday Will Never Be the Same: My Quest for Infinite Love, from Rock to Rome, it should appear in the spring of next year.

It is an honor to join the wonderful roster of authors at Catholic Answers Press. I have long appreciated the vital work that Catholic Answers accomplishes in its media apostolate, and have been blessed to appear several times on their syndicated radio program "Catholic Answers Live" (most recently in February). Please say a prayer for me as I prepare to complete the book this summer.