Friday, January 1, 2021

An open letter to EWTN President Doug Keck

I sent the following email yesterday to EWTN President Doug Keck (see this post by Deacon Greg Kendra for background on Gloria Purvis's firing):

Dear Mr. Keck, 

In June of this year, I wrote to you at Gloria Purvis's suggestion to express my concern that videos of my EWTN appearances had removed from the network's YouTube archives--apparently in retaliation for my online criticism of the anti-Francis bias of Raymond Arroyo, Dan Burke, and other EWTN personalities. You responded favorably, and most of those videos were subsequently restored to YouTube.

Today I have the sad task of asking you to remove those same videos. I am appalled that EWTN fired Gloria Purvis for no apparent reason other than that she was forthright in fostering the conversations about race that Pope Francis has urged us to have.

Gloria Purvis is on fire for Jesus Christ, his Church, and his Gospel of Life. She is exactly the sort of voice that EWTN should celebrate. But instead you are canceling her while continuing to elevate Raymond Arroyo, who has repeatedly made racially insensitive and antisemitic comments on his EWTN and Fox News shows.

EWTN, by deplatforming Gloria while continuing to showcase Raymond, has thereby taken a stand against anti-racism and thus for racism. I ask therefore that you remove my videos as well as my radio appearances from your archives, until and unless you rehire Gloria Purvis. 

Yours in Christ, 

Dawn Eden Goldstein