Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Statement concerning Austin Ruse

The following is a text version of the statement issued on my behalf by my lawyer. Click here to see the original (in PDF format).

June 22, 2021 

A statement from Dawn Eden Goldstein concerning Austin Ruse: 

“I recently sought an anti-stalking order against Austin Ruse in the District of Columbia in response to his many months of online harassment, including his repeated statements on Twitter that I am mentally ill and, as a result, unemployable. Mr. Ruse continued his course of misconduct after I repeatedly asked him to stop and informed him that his harassment was causing me emotional distress. Even after I blocked his Twitter account, he publicly bragged that he was creating fake accounts in order to continue to monitor my activity. 

“Mr. Ruse’s protracted campaign of lies and defamation forced me to seek legal protection for myself. He has now further perpetuated his lies in a recent article in which he claims that he prevailed in court based on a First Amendment defense. The court decided the case on its narrow interpretation of the District of Columbia’s broadly worded anti-stalking statute, not Mr. Ruse’s weak claim that his harassment constitutes 'journalism'; hence, the judge acknowledged that the decision did not rule out other potential means of legal recourse. 

“What Mr. Ruse is doing is not journalism. It is cyberstalking and cyberbullying. I don’t know why he persists in it, but I pray for him and ask that others do so as well. 

“I have no further comment. Any questions should be directed to my lawyer, William A. Cubbedge.”