Monday, June 27, 2022

News from Eden: Theologian/canonist/author ready for a new position

Dawn Eden Goldstein, June 2022. Photo: Jay Mallin.

These past two years have been the busiest of my life—and the most blessed. Not only did I complete my biography of Father Ed Dowling, SJ (to be published in December by Orbis Books), but I also worked towards a licentiate in canon law. Now I am close to completing my requirements for the licentiate and will be done at the end of July, if all goes well. So it is time to return to the job market and look for a position where I can remain indefinitely and thrive while doing what I love.

What type of work do I love? I love . . .

. . . teaching theology on the graduate level, as I have done at universities and seminaries in England, the United States, and India. My specialization is in systematics, which makes me a Jill of all trades in the theological world. I was the first woman ever to receive a doctorate in sacred theology from the University of St. Mary of the Lake (2016).

. . . teaching writing and composition to university students at all levels. I have directed the Writing Center at Holy Apostles College and Seminary and at the Pontifical University of the Immaculate Conception at the Dominican House of Studies.

. . . writing and editing (including theological and canon-law editing). I began my writing career as a rock and roll historian while still in college at New York University. Later I worked on the editorial staff of the New York Post and the Daily News, before publishing my first book in 2006. Today I am the author of four or five books (depending on how one counts the two editions of The Thrill of the Chaste), with another on the way. Together my books have sold more than fifty thousand copies in ten languages. My background in theology and canon law also qualifies me to do editorial work in those fields.

. . . protecting canonical rights. Once I gain my licentiate in canon law, I intend to assist laypersons, religious, and priests whose rights are being threatened.

What would be my ideal position? Ideally I would like either . . .

. . . a teaching position that would also involve directing theses, publishing research, and/or running a writing center. I would work best in an academic position where I would have the widest possible variety of responsibilities. This would likely necessitate a teaching load of 2:2 or, at most, 3:2 (depending upon the amount of non-teaching responsibilities), with summers off to write.

. . . an editing position that would entail working in an office. I enjoy working around others in a literary, journalistic, and/or academic environment.

. . . or a factotum-type position at a diocese, with an anchor job that allows time for adjunct/part-time positions. For example, I could be a speaker/writer-in-residence at a diocesan retreat house, and also do adjunct teaching at the local seminary, and also fill in at the marriage tribunal. Again, the appeal for me would be the opportunity to have a wide variety of responsibilities in my fields of expertise. 

If you know anyone who might be looking for a professor, writer, editor, or canonist with my credentials and interest, I would be grateful if you would share this blog post with them. My curriculum vitae may be viewed online at this link. Thank you and God bless you.