Thursday, May 30, 2024

Where to find Father Ed: The Story of Bill W.'s Spiritual Sponsor

Artwork for the wraparound dust jacket of the hardcover edition of Father Ed: The Story of Bill W.'s Spiritual Sponsor. Click the image to enlarge.

The publication of the paperback edition of Father Ed: The Story of Bill W.'s Spiritual Sponsor, my biography of the Jesuit Father Edward Dowling, who was a spiritual advisor to the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, has unfortunately caused the book's Amazon sale page to go haywire.

At this writing, Amazon's paperback sale page for Father Ed has disappeared into the ether. Earlier, the site had confused the book with another one published by Orbis Books, and the Father Ed paperback sale page looked like a mix-and-match of the two different books, with Father Ed's book cover and the other book's title, or vice versa. Also, Amazon's Kindle page for Father Ed has somehow become de-linked from Father Ed's hardcover page, making the Kindle difficult to find. In case prospective buyers of Father Ed are confused by the Amazon mix-ups, I'm writing this post to list the reliable places where Father Ed may be ordered.

The best place to purchase Father Ed is your local bookstore. If you do not have a bookstore near you, or if your local bookstore refuses to order Father Ed, I recommend purchasing it from, a collective of local stores, which has the paperback edition in stock. Alternatively, the paperback edition and the hardcover edition are both available directly from the publisher, Orbis Books. Other online sellers, such as Barnes & Noble, carry Father Ed as well.

If you prefer to purchase an electronic edition of Father Ed, the book is available in Kindle, Google Books, and Nook editions.

Finally, if you would like to purchase a signed copy of Father Ed, you can purchase it directly from me, in hardcover or paperback, for the list price of $30 plus $6 shipping and handling (USPS Media Mail). Write me at the email address listed on my Contacts page.

P.S. And of course, there's always your local library