Friday, April 27, 2012

VIDEO: Talking about My Peace at D.C.'s Catholic Information Center

Washington, D.C.'s Catholic Information Center today released its video of what was for me a very grace-filled evening: my first talk about my new book My Peace I Give You: Healing Sexual Wounds with the Help of the Saints.

The video captures the entire event: my introductory remarks (00:00-15:10); reading from My Peace I Give You (15:10-43:52); and the question-and-answer period (43:52-end).

It was wonderful to see how interested people were in asking questions. I answered them for twenty-five minutes, and still wasn't able to get to everyone. Among the things you'll hear audience members ask about are whether My Peace can help non-Catholics understand the Church's veneration of saints (it can indeed), how the book addresses the topic of forgiveness, and the Catholic understanding of what it means to be a "victim."

Although most of My Peace I Give You is about the saints, you will hear something of my own story in this video. If it moves you to pray for me, and to pray that the Lord may use my book and speaking apostolate to help others heal, I am very grateful.

* * *

Bring My Peace to your place: Would you like to invite me to speak to an audience at your parish, recovery group, or other venue? It's easier than you think!

As it stands, besides upcoming events in D.C., Philly, Connecticut, and Wisconsin,, I have tentative plans to speak in California, Michigan, Missouri, and New York (please e-mail me if you are in those cities and want me to speak at your venue). However, many more bookings are needed if I am to tour throughout the summer.

So, write if you would like to host me (click here to see my e-mail address), and don't let a lack of funds stop you. I will volunteer my services to speak about My Peace I Give You anywhere as long as my transportation, meals, and accommodations (at a convent or private home) are provided by the sponsor. The message is that important to me; I see this as an apostolate.