Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Two sides of America

America magazine has published a "pro-life" issue. I read one article from it online and it was very good.

Would that every issue of of the magazine were a pro-life issue.

I am refraining from linking from this blog to America's site until the magazine announces it is not or is no longer selling its mailing list to the NARAL- and Planned Parenthood-backed Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. A friend of mine who subscribes to America told me he received an RCRC mailing just last month that he believes came via the magazine's list.

Being pro-life, my friend tried to figure out why a plea for funds from the abortion-advocacy organization showed up in his mailbox. Then he looked at the mailing labels of his subscriptions and found that only his one to America matched the wording and punctuation of his address on the RCRC mailing.

I don't know if the RCRC currently receives direct financial support from Planned Parenthood, but certainly it receives a great deal of promotion from the organization. In any case, I don't believe its money is untainted by blood.

UPDATE: America has confirmed the sale of its list; acting publisher Father James Martin S.J. calls it a mistake.