Friday, May 12, 2023

Father Ed press update: A master list of media on my biography of Bill W.'s spiritual sponsor

I had the joy of giving a copy of Father Ed to Sister Jean in her office at Loyola University Chicago prior to delivering the annual St. John Henry Newman Lecture for Loyola's Hank Center on March 14, 2023.

The response to Father Ed: The Story of Bill W.'s Spiritual Sponsor,  my biography of Alcoholics Anonymous co-founder Bill Wilson's dear friend and advisor Father Edward Dowling, SJ, has been  overwhelming, and I couldn't be more grateful. As I write, Father Ed is in its second printing and has won a 2023 Christopher Award as a work that "affirms the highest values of the human spirit."

On my Twitter account @dawnofmercy, I share each media mention of Father Ed as it happens. Because I've been blessed to see so much attention given to the book, it is difficult to create a new blog entry each time something new comes out. So I've decided to create a running list of Father Ed media mentions here on The Dawn Patrol and update it each time another one appears. I'll change the date of this entry to keep it uppermost or near-uppermost as I add to it. If you notice anything missing from this list, please drop me a line (see my email at the bottom of my Bio page) to let me know.

May 2023

Matt Kappadakunnel reviewed Father Ed for US Catholic: "Thanks to Goldstein, we meet a saint who teaches us that God can transform our weaknesses to transmit grace."

April 2023

A Journey Through NYC Religion ran a two-part interview with me. The first part is above; click here to view part two.

Our Sunday Visitor included Father Ed among its list of "Exciting New Books."

David Crumm interviewed me about Father Ed for Read the Spirit.

The Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States' ran an excerpt from Father Ed along with an interview with me for their AMDG Podcast.

Chicago Catholic editor Joyce Duriga interviewed me for her podcast Beyond the Headlines.

March 2023

Alessandra Harris reviewed Father Ed for the National Catholic Reporter: "Father Ed is an uplifting witness of a priest whose mission was to minister to people suffering on the margins of society and share Christ's healing love with them."

Notre Dame's Church Life Journal published an excerpt from Father Ed.

The Christophers announced that Father Ed was a winner of the 2023 Christopher Award.

Pat McMahon interviewed me on Father Ed for his radio program "The God Show."

David Dault interviewed me on Father Ed for his podcast Things Not Seen.

Barbara Hughes reviewed Father Ed in The Catholic Virginian:

Patricia Lawler Kenet reviewed Father Ed in America magazine: "[In Father Ed,] we encounter a remarkable individual whose intellect, enthusiasm and humility helped Alcoholics Anonymous burgeon into a worldwide haven for spiritual growth for those struggling with addiction."

Ruthie Gledhill interviewed me on Father Ed for The Tablet Podcast.

February 2023

Valerie Schultz reviewed Father Ed for The Californian: "Father Ed seemed to embody a human bridge between Ignatian spirituality and AA."

Msgr. Richard Antall reviewed Father Ed for Angelus: “Goldstein’s book is a portrait of a creative priest who also intersected with an important chunk of American Catholic history.”

Ruthie Gledhill reviewed Father Ed in The Tablet (UK): "[Goldstein's] thoroughly researched and profoundly moving biography of this remarkable man will be of interest to people involved with the 12-step programme, as well as to those who are curious about the pre-Vatican II priestly formation of Jesuits.

January 2023

Sarah Negri reviewed Father Ed for the Acton Institute Blog: "With depth and style, Goldstein unveils the figure of Dowling and honors his tireless devotion to helping 'people with problems,' thereby offering inspiration and hope to modern readers on their own healing journey."

America magazine ran an excerpt from Father Ed.

Mark Judge reviewed Father Ed in the Washington Examiner: "[Goldstein] highlights how Dowling’s Christian humility and devotion became central to the AA movement. Dowling saw a spiritual continuity between AA’s 12-step program and St. Ignatius’s ... Spiritual Exercises."

December 2022

Daniel Amiri reviewed Father Ed for Where Peter Is: "I found Dawn Eden Goldstein’s book, Father Ed: The Story of Bill W.’s Spiritual Sponsor, to present an inspiring model."

Robert Ellsberg interviewed me for Orbis Books' YouTube channel (also available as a podcast)

Prof. John W. Martens interviewed me on his podcast "What Matters Most."

November 2022

James P. Pinkerton reviewed Father Ed in The American Conservative: "In [Goldstein's] scholarly hands, Dowling comes to life as a man with a mission—and actually, many missions, practical and spiritual. For all his close association with Wilson, Goldstein writes that Dowling’s 'true purpose went well beyond sobering up drunks.'"

Tony Rossi interviewed me on Father Ed for a print article and podcast on Light One Candle—The Blog of the Christophers.

PBS affiliate New Jersey Spotlight News featured an interview with me on Father Ed.

September 2022

Publishers Weekly reviewed Father Ed: "This is a powerful take on an often overlooked spiritual influence on Alcoholics Anonymous."